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Khrushchev Meets The Devil: Jay Chevalier [1962]

A rolling, bouncy rockabilly number, the lyrics of this tune imagine Khrushchev calling Satan on the phone (no mention is made as to whether he's using an atomic telephone) to talk about ruling the world with all his sophisticated nuclear weaponry. The ever pragmatic Satan, however, reminds the manic Premier of America's superior firepower which brings him back to earth.

Jay Chevalier was born in 1936 in Forest Hill, Louisiana and as a teenager appeared on radio station KREH billing himself as 'The Cajun Sensation' and 'The Cajun Balladeer.' In 1954 Chevalier left high school and joined the marines for four years where he formed his first real band. The band managed to appear on Jimmy Dean's network television program and after Chevalier got out of the service he cut his first record, Rockin' Roll Angel/Down Heart Break Trail (Over Teardrop Mt.). Chevalier's influences were Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley and he released the single on the Cajun Records label that he started with his marine buddy Garry Gilmore. Chevalier's first big record was The Ballad Of Earl K. Long that was inspired by the infamous philandering of Louisiana's governor with a stripper named Blaze Starr. The single was released on the Recco label. The song proved to be so popular that the flamboyant Long actually hired Chevalier to tour with him on the campaign trail. Another notable release for the artist came in 1961 on the Goldband label titled Castro Rock. While not an instant hit, it has become a rockabilly cult favorite over the years. In 1963 Chevalier went to Las Vegas, Nevada where he performed off and on for the next five years. In 1968 the singer retired from Vegas and later returned to Louisiana where he was active in state politics. Chevalier still performs.

Khrushchev Meets The Devil: Jay Chevalier [1962]

Old Khrushchev called the devil on the phone the other day
The operator listened in on what they had to say
"Hello", came old Khrushchev's voice, "Is my pal Satan at home?
Just tell him it's his buddy Khru, that-a wants him on the phone."

Old Satan finally answered and said, "Hello there, old pal!
If I can be of service, you know I surely shall!"
"Listen, please," said Khrushchev, "my story I will tell,
Of how I'm changin' this old world into a modern…we-elll

I got atomic submarines, plenty of Sputniks, too,
I've got them so afraid of me that they don't know what to do
My long range guided missiles will go just where I say
And with your help, Satan's power, I'll rule the world some day!"

Old Satan said, "Now good old buddy, there's something you don't know
The Yankee people build things too, they're really on the go.
If I could only help my friend, you can be sure I would
But they'll make it hotter for you than I ever could!

They've got atomic submarines and plenty of Sputniks, too.
They've got you so afraid of them that you don't know what to do
Their long range guided missiles will go just where they say
Let's face it Khru, me and you can't whip the USA,
Let's face it Khru, me and you can't whip the USA!"

Jay Chevalier [1962]
Khrushchev Meets The Devil
(Jay Chevalier-Dee Marais)
Cotton Town Jubilee 102



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