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Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security


Let's Keep The Communists Out: Ferlin 'Terry Preston' Husky [1950]

An essentially spoken word song that has the courage to finally tell the truth about the underlying fear that drove the Cold War: That if the Communists were to ever take over, they would place Santa Claus in a gulag! This song also earns extra points for including a gratuitous sound effect of an atomic bomb explosion.

One of the pioneers of the Bakersfield sound, Ferlin Husky was born in Flat River, Missouri in 1927. He began his musical career in his teens performing at various social events in his small town and during World War II the singer entertained his fellow merchant marines. After the war Husky managed to get a job as a DJ in Bakersfield, California. In 1949 he signed with Four Star Records under the name Terry Preston, because he felt his given name was too unrealistic.

In 1951 Husky met the new host of 'Hometown Jamboree,' Cliffie Stone (Stone had just replaced Tennessee Ernie Ford). Stone aided the singer in getting a recording contract with Capitol where he cut five songs as Terry Preston and then reverted back to his real name for most of his future work. Husky's first number one record, a duet with Jean Shepard called A Dear John Letter, was a song whose label he wasn't even credited on. Husky also recorded under another alias, his comic character, 'Simon Crum.' As Crum, Husky achieved his first Top Five solo hit with the song Cuzz You're So Sweet. In 1959 Husky had his second hit as Crum with Country Music Is Here To Stay. Husky's second recording of Gone on which he had backing support from The Jordanaires and chorus by Millie Kirkham became a number one country hit and placed at number four on the pop charts. Some music scholars count Gone as being one of the earliest 'Nashville Sound' hits.

In addition to music, Husky attempted a motion picture career, but this effort may have been cursed by co-starring with Zsa Zsa Gabor and Faron Young in the B-movie 'Country Music Holiday' in 1958. But if the singer's movie career foundered, his music career continued unabated producing hits such as Timber, I'm Fallin', Once, and Just For You. In 1972 Husky moved from Capitol to ABC records. Between 1953 and 1975 he had 49 singles on the country charts.
Let's Keep The Communists Out: Ferlin 'Terry Preston' Husky [1950]

Now this is the land of the brave and free where we can sing and shout.
But it wonít be long if we donít stick together and try to keep the Communists out!
Now would you like for this country to be run by people who preach that there is no God?
No! You would rather you and your loved ones, even your children, would sleep beneath the sod.
Before this horrible fate would come to this land of good old democracy,
But it wonít happen if we live our religion and pray for those folks who live across the sea.
Who am I to say that the trouble with this nation is that we forget from day to day,
To thank Our Lord for our blessings we receive as we travel lifeís long highway.
But Iím sure that most anyone with good, common sense,
Would feel free to say, ďYes, thatís the trouble with this world!Ē
We do other things, but we sometimes forget to pray.
Now Iím for good old democracy, and I know you folks feel the same.
So letís keep our country free and clean from this so-called Communist name.
Now you may be a Catholic, you may be a Protestant, or maybe youíre a Jew.
But no matter what you are, if you really live it, Iím sure the Lord will take care of you.
So letís keep the same old government for which our loved ones have fought and died.
And Iím sure youíll agree we can rest assured when the Communists are put aside.
And across this land of freedom, so strong, courageous and true,
Letís keep that old Liberty Bell ringiní in the name of the red, white and blue!
Now how many people stop to think of just what Communism could cause?
We couldnít celebrate Thanksgiviní or Independence Day, and our children would not have Santa Claus.
Think of how long your little town would last if this atomic bomb was dropped.
Now I was in the last war and I swore up and down that I would never go again.
But for my family and religion, Iím williní to die before I see the Communists come in!

Ferlin 'Terry Preston' Husky [1950]
Let's Keep The Communists Out
4 Star 1518



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