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Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security
The Spokesmen LP: The Dawn of Correction


Dawn of Correction, The: The Spokesmen [1965]

An unfashionably optimistic answer song to Barry Maguire's nihilistic, yet catchy hit EVE OF DESTRUCTION, DAWN OF CORRECTION commands more interest today mainly because of the overexposure of the song that it is responding to. That and its tortured and dated lyrics: "Self-governmentís replacing colonization. What about the Peace Corps organization? Donít forget the work of the United Nations." Huh?

And what did Mr. Maguire think of this unlikely answer to his masterpiece? In a 2002 interview with CONELRAD, the artist said dismissively: "I don't remember listening to the DAWN OF CORRECTION. I'm sure I must have heard it, but I must not have given it any credibility. I think that I felt they were just riding on the coat-tails of Phil (P.F.) Sloan's song."

The Spokesmen were a trio of vocalists/songwriters: Johnny Madara, Dave White and Ray Gilmore. Madera and White began their music careers in Philadelphia. Two of their best known songs are AT THE HOP, a hit for Danny and the Juniors and YOU DON'T OWN ME, the Leslie Gore standard. The group's ample musical accompaniment included Jimmy Wisner on piano and organ, Buddy Lucas on harmonica, Gary Chester on on drums, Artie Butler on percussion and piano, Vinnie Bell, Trade Martin, Al Gorgoni, Charlie Macey, Joe Renzetti on guitars, Russ Savakus and Dick Romoff on bass and Artie Kaplan on flute and piccolo. No credit is offered for the Jew's harp heard at the beginning of CORRECTION and perhaps that is for the best.

Aside from the Decca single and LP of the same name both released in 1965, the group appears to have vanished. The liner notes for the album boast "The Spokesmen are aptly named, for they represent the voice of a generation that has endured many and frequent changes, a generation that hovers on the dawn of a new and better tomorrow, with promises of many more changes. But there is good reason to feel strong confidence in the future so long as there remains the youthful optimism of tomorrow's leaders, as expressed in the words and the music of THE SPOKESMEN."

While we may not be inspired with "confidence" by this group's music (after all, we know how the '60s turned out), CONELRAD considers The Spokesmen an important missing link between the popular folk rock of the era and the lesser known right-wing folk music of The Goldwaters and Janet Greene. This is an achievement that Messrs Madara, White and Gilmore probably aren't even aware of.
Dawn of Correction, The: The Spokesmen [1965]

The western world has a common dedication to keep free people from Red domination.
Maybe you canít vote, boy, but man your battle station for thereíll be no need for votiní in future generations.

Chorus: So over and over again, you keep saying itís the end, but I say youíre wrong, weíre just on the dawn of correction.

There are buttons to push in too many nations, but whoís crazy enough to risk annihilation? The buttons are there to insure negotiation, so donít be afraid, boy, itís our only salvation.


You tell me that marches wonít bring integration, but look what its done for the voter registration. Be thankful our country allows demonstrations, instead of condemning, make some recommendations. I donít understand the cause of your aggravation. You mean to tell me, boy, itís not a better situation.


You missed all the good in your evaluation, what about the things that deserve commendation? Where there once was no cure, thereís vaccination. Where there once was a desert, thereís vegetation. Self-governmentís replacing colonization. What about the Peace Corps organization? Donít forget the work of the United Nations.


The Spokesmen [1965]
Dawn of Correction
Decca 31844 (Single)
The Dawn of Correction DL 4712 (LP)



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