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Atomic Energy: Sir Lancelot [1947]

This calypso ditty serves as an example of one of the earliest outright anti-Bomb songs which no doubt earned Sir Lancelot and those who bought this record or attended his performances FBI files. Because the tune takes the rare opposing view of the Bomb, the lyrics are quite different from most others found on this set.

For another early anti-Bomb song, refer to Old Man Atom as performed by Sam Hinton as well as by The Sons Of The Pioneers.

Sir Lancelot was born Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard in Cumuto, Northern Trinidad in 1903. Lancelot was performing classical vocal recitals for his well-to-do family by the age of 6. As he came of college age he moved to New York City to study medicine, but became involved in the city's vibrant music scene. He was asked to sing calypso by a local orchestra leader and a two-week engagement in 1940 lasted a year.

After a music tour of the west coast, Lancelot found himself being cast (uncredited) in a Pat O'Brien movie called 'Two Yanks in Trinidad.' Lancelot would act in a number of other movies including 'To Have And Have Not' in 1944 and 'Brute Force' in 1947 with Burt Lancaster. In 1948 Lancelot entertained for Progressive party presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace.

Lancelot retired from performing in films in 1958, but continued to play music well into his old age. Lancelot died in 2001 in California.

Atomic Energy: Sir Lancelot [1947]

Some men with brains in their cranium
Took a piece of uranium
They did what other men couldn't do
They split the atom right in two

Refrain: Now it's up to the people to crusade
To see that no more bombs are made
That it's great force should only be used
For peace and democracy

They took all the U 238 that
They could find in the United States
They gathered it and made it all
Into the size of a billiard ball


Down to the south and west they went
To try out their experiment
To find out what they wanted to know
In the desert of New Mexico


If you should travel out west someday
And happen to stop off in Santa Fe
Just look around and take a stroll
You'll come across a great big hole


Today it's the size of a billiard ball
Tomorrow it'll be the size of city hall
And when they drop it, you will see
The place where this earth used to be


We all can have prosperity
With this atomic energy
The world can have its pork and beans
Or be blown into smithereens


Sir Lancelot [1947]
Atomic Energy
Charter 102

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