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Commies Are Coming, The: Tommy James [1969]

The singer of this Red-baiting tune cautions the listener against "drowsiness" in the face of the Communist menace, yet it is performed in such a somnolent manner that it is probably a safe bet that many a John Birch Society member nodded off while playing it. The overcharged lyrics, many of which are spoken in a repetitive drone, equate the burning of draft cards and the protests against the Vietnam War to rolling out the "red carpet" for a Soviet invasion of America.

The fear of Soviet enslavement has a rich pop cultural history and has been examined thoroughly in such varied forms as comic books ('Is This Tomorrow?' from the late '40s), pulp novels ('The Day The Communists Took Over America' from 1961), movies ('Invasion, U.S.A.' from 1952), government shorts ('Red Nightmare' starring Jack Webb from 1962) and television (‘Amerika,’ a miniseries from 1987).

Tommy James' dogmatic song, however, sounds as if it might have been inspired by any of a number of anti-Communist pamphlets that were issued by right wing religious organizations during the Cold War (such as 'Communist America…Must It Be?' from 1960). Many of these pamphlets warned of a Communist invasion by a set date such as '1973' (as predicted in the booklet 'What Can I Do To Combat Communism?' which was put out in the early '60s by the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade).

There is no biographical information available on Tommy James.

Commies Are Coming, The: Tommy James [1969]

This war is not our war
The one in Vietnam
Our country's out o' line
That's what I hear from some
The commies are comin'
We are not united
The commies are comin'
They've just been invited

Conspirators killed a negro
Denied him civil rights
But they have gone unpunished
'Cause his skin wasn't white
The commies are comin'
There isn't any doubt
The commies are comin'
The red carpet is out

Fellow Americans, awaken, rise up and be counted
This is the time for action, not drowsiness
Never before in history has our country been threatened with a greater scourge than the red tide of Communism
Yet, there are some among us that are unwilling to make any kind of effort to help overcome this communistic threat
There are those who boo our leaders and find fault with America's policies
Youths that burn their draft cards, refusing the call to arms
Others riot in our streets, loot and destroy
These things help to keep alive the commie propaganda mills
And this is why the Minute Men are turning in their graves
We must now reaffirm ourselves, support America our homeland and help to turn the tide of Communism until it is crushed beneath our feet
We must stand firm for the sake of our beloved country with which God has so richly blessed us
We must stop this senseless fighting among ourselves, cease in our petty bickering, cease from denying our fellow Americans their equal rights and accord them the dignity they rightfully deserve
No man, woman or child should be discriminated against because of race, creed, religion or any other reason
Woe be the day that everyone or anyone is denied the rights guaranteed them by our Constitution
For should that day arrive fellow countrymen, our country is doomed
Now is the time to renew the fire and spirit of those that have made the laws governing America and of those that have paid with their lives in preserving those laws and this home of the brave
We must not turn a deaf ear, we must not offer appeasement, we must not withdraw
Freedom isn't free, it must be won
Now is the time to stand firm
We must prevail
The world looks to America for leadership
And we must stop the red tide of Communism at all costs
So now we must rally forth, stand tall and let's give the Commies hell

The burning of draft cards
They love a commie's plan
The marches of protest
Played right into their hands
The commies are comin'
We will be their slaves
The commies are comin'
We're digging our own graves

The commies are comin'
We're digging our own graves

Tommy James [1969]
The Commies Are Coming
Tornado 149

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