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Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security


Guided Missiles: The Cuff Links [1956]

This unique doo-wop number which likens a woman's romantic advances to that of a barrage of nuclear missiles was recorded, appropriately enough, by a group of U.S. Air Force men. In addressing the woman/"enemy" who seeks to "weaken" his "defenses," the song's narrator finally surrenders and concludes that "…guided missiles will get you in the end."

The Cuff Links (John Anderson, Alfred J. Gaitwood, Marshall Lamb, Robert Truesdale and Everett B. Tyson) recorded for Dootone Records in between duty at Fort McClellan Air Force in California. Dootone's Dootsie Williams told 'Billboard' in December of 1956 that the label was promoting Guided Missiles with its biggest effort since Earth Angel. This effort paid off with regional chart success for the song in several West Coast cities and some action on the East Coast, but the record never scored nationally. The Cuff Links went on to record a few other tracks for the label, but Guided Missiles was their highlight. It should be noted that Dootone later had a second act that went under the moniker of The Cuff Links (although sometimes the band's name was spelled as The Cufflinx).

Guided Missiles: The Cuff Links [1956]

(Zoom) Guided missiles (Zoom), Guided missiles (Zoom)
Guided missiles, aimed at my heart
Bound to destroy me, tear me apart
Guided kisses none of them true
Now I know the enemy is you

Guided missiles, bound to explode
Destroying my heart is your goal
You'll have succeeded in making me blue
Now I know the enemy is you

Refrain: You weaken my defenses
With your tender kisses
You knew when you loved me
I never would resist

Now you've got me, I'll give in
Trusting you was my only sin
But the same guided missiles
Will get you in the end


Now you've got me, I'll give in
Trusting you was my only sin
But the same guided missiles
Will get you in the end (Zoom)

The Cuff Links [1956]
Guided Missiles
(A. Gaitwood)
Dootone 409

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