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Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security


Down in Havana: The Goldwaters [1964]

Down In Havana, sung to the tune of Down In The Valley, is a rather belated knock against the Kennedy administration for its role in the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba. The song is bracketed by the fairly poor (and extremely dated) humor of The Goldwaters, a novelty act that was assembled to support the presidential candidacy of Sen. Barry Goldwater. While Goldwater carried on a long and distinguished senate career after his disastrous presidential bid, The Goldwaters, as a group anyway, were never heard from again (they apparently decided to pass on an ideal comeback opportunity to re-form in '96 as The Doles).
Down in Havana: The Goldwaters [1964]


First Man: Say, Fred, I heard Lyndon is forming a new Federal agency.
Second Man: Yeah? What's that?
First: It's going to be called the Poverty Relief Agency.
Second: Oh, that's nothing new, Bobby Baker's headed that department for years.


Down in Havana, 90 miles from our shore
Lies an army of Commies and Fidel Castro
We were going to remove them, the plans were all made
We'd help with the airplanes on invasion day

But you know the Liberals and the CIA
They agreed with Adlai, take the airplanes away
So the brave freedom fighters were destined to fall
'Cause we didn't answer when we heard their call

So the American people just don't understand
Why we didn't help them to free their homeland
So we're gonna get new leaders, men brave and strong
Men we can count on to fix what is wrong

So we're gonna get new leaders, men brave and strong
Men we can count on to fix what is wrong


First Man: Say I saw a new a great new play on Broadway last night, it's called “The Doll House”.
Second Man: Is that the Rodgers-Hammerstein show?
First: No, it's a Profumo-Baker production.
Second: Must have been quite a comedy!
First: Might call it a farce!

The Goldwaters [1964]
Down In Havana
Greenleaf M101-63A 'The Goldwaters Sing Folk Songs To Bug The Liberals'

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