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Thirteen Men: Ann-Margret [1962]

Ann-Margret reverses the roles in her lounged-up take on Bill Haley And His Comets' version of Dickie Thompson's fantasy number. In so doing, 'The Vivacious One' helps achieve gender parity in the Atomic Sex song subgenre. Note: Dinah Shore also covered Thompson's classic.

Two-time Oscar nominee Ann-Margret was born Ann-Margret Olsson in Sweden in 1941. Her family brought her to the U.S. when she was five years old and she was raised in several different Illinois towns. At age 16 she appeared on 'Ted Mack's Amateur Hour' and later sang with the Northwestern University band where she attended college for one year. After appearing in a combo (The Suttletones) that played various nightclubs, she wound up appearing on 'The Jack Benny Show.' Reportedly it was from the 'Benny' program that George Burns recruited the 19-year-old performer to join him in Las Vegas where her sex kittenish persona was truly born. In 1961 she made her screen debut in 'Pocketful Of Miracles' playing Bette Davis's daughter and in 1963 she had her breakout performance in 'Bye, Bye Birdie.' It was also in 1963 that the star provided the voice of 'Ann-Margrock' on the popular TV program 'The Flintstones.' One of her best known movie roles came in 1964 co-starring with Elvis Presley in 'Viva Las Vegas.' The same year she taunted the hopelessly 'square' businessman played by John Forsythe in the classic cult film 'Kitten With A Whip.' In 1971 she demonstrated her acting range (co-starring with Jack Nicholson) in ‘Carnal Knowledge' for which she earned her first Academy Award nomination. In 1975 she was nominated a second time for her work in the motion picture musical adaptation of The Who's rock opera 'Tommy.' The actress-performer continues to appear on stage, in film and on television. In addition to 'The Vivacious One', Ann-Magret's swinging RCA LPs include 'And Here She Is' (1961), 'On The Way Up' (1962), 'Bachelor's Paradise' (1963), 'Beauty And The Beard' (1964 with Al Hirt) and 'Songs From The Swinger And Other Swingin' Songs' (1966). (All available on Bear Family BCD 16248 '1961-1966' 5-CD Boxed Set).

Thirteen Men: Ann-Margret [1962]

Last night I was dreamin'
I dreamed about the H-Bomb
Well the bomb went off and I was caught
I was the only gal on the ground

Mmm, there were 13 men and me the only gal in town
Uh, there were 13 men and me the only gal in town
And, as funny as it may be
The one and only gal in town was me
Uh, 13 men and me the only gal in town

Uh, there were two men every morning
A-seein' that I was well fed
And believ-a you me, one sweetened my tea
While the other one a-buttered my bread

Uh, 2 men giv-a me oil wells
Uh, 2 men giv-a me gold
And another sweet thing bought me a diamond ring
About a-forty carats I am told

Ah, 13 men and me the only gal in town, uh
Uh, there were 13 men and me the only gal around
It was something I can't forget
‘Cause I think of those a-13 a-gentlemen yet...
Uh, 13 men and me the only gal around

Mmm. well there were 3 guys dancin' the Mambo
Uh, 3 guys ballin' the jack
And all the rest really did their best
Boy, surely was a lively pack

Ah, 13 men and me the only gal in town
There were 13 men and me the only gal around
Though she won't tell you where she's been
‘Cause it was a just a dream I hope I dream again

Uh, 13 men and me the only ga-hal around
Uh, there were 13 men and me around
There were 13 men and me the only livin' gal in town…

Ann-Margret [1962]
Thirteen Men
(Dickie Thompson)
RCA Victor LSP 2551 'The Vivacious One'



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