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Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security
Atomic Platters: Red Scare Songs


Russian Bandstand: Spencer and Spencer [1959]
This ridiculous song on how the Communists might have adapted Dick Clark's popular music show, 'American Bandstand,' is a rapid-fire (literally) satire that reflects—in the broadest possible comic terms—how many Americans assumed cultural matters were handled behind the Iron Curtain...

Senator McCarthy Blues, The: Hal Block with the Tony Borrello Orchestra [1954]
This hilarious obscurity was inspired by the Army-McCarthy anti-Communist hearings, a media circus that riveted the nation in 1954...

Stalin Kicked The Bucket: Ray Anderson [1953]
If Joseph Stalin inspired some harsh songs during his lifetime (see Advice To Joe, No, No Joe and Mr. Stalin, You're Eating Too High Off The Hog), his death ignited even more vitriol...

A straight-ahead patriotic chest thumper, this song clearly defines the "right red" as the color in Old Glory and the "wrong red" as, well, one can probably guess...

To Russia With Care: Harold Weakley [1966]
A bizarre blue collar country song in which the song's fed up narrator packs a pinko woman into a box to send her to the Soviet Union...


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