CONELRAD Atomic Platters

The Louvin Brothers [1951]
Weapon Of Prayer
(Charles & Ira Louvin)
MGM 10 988

Weapon Of Prayer

This beautifully performed song that came out of the Korean War is an invocation for civilian support through the power or 'weapon' of prayer. It should be noted that Charlie Louvin served in Korea.

Weapon Of Prayer
In that land across the sea, thereís a job for you and me
Though our presence there may not be found
We must stay each night and day on the battle line and pray
We must never lay our weapons down

Refrain: We donít have to be a soldier in a uniform
To be of service over there
While the boys so bravely stand with the weapons made by hand
Let us trust and use the weapon of prayer

Many thousand miles away someone shed their blood today
With a heart so true and brave theyíve gone
To a war thatís yours and mine, let us join the battle line
With a weapon that will save our home


When the planes and tanks and guns have done all that they can do
And the mighty bombs have rained and fell
Still the helpful Hand above holds a weapon made of love
And against Him none on Earth prevail



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